The Team

Our Team has experiences in various company/organisation of different nature where graphic design plays a vital role. With such a dynamic team working here reckon an additional advantage of finishing the job and making it a hassle free task for the clients to use it for Printing, Website Design, Presentation and Editing.

Our Work

We would like to walk you through the followings, in details, the important area of design work:


For Printing:

For Example: Magazine, Brochures,Flyers, Posters, Business cards, Envelope, Letterhead

We design according to the requirements from the clients deliver them all the files relevant for printing. There are certain steps in creating the printable files for which we have to take care of measurement, color, fonts, margin, bleeding area and printing area.


For Outdoor advertising items:

For example: Standees,Kiosk,Signboards,Canopy, Wall Pop-Up frame, Banners, Hoardings

Our task is to know the advertisement items client is going to use and sometimes customised items are also made on pre-order from the clients. The important part is to understandthe purpose of the clients and highlighted information which is going to be displayed on those outdoor advertising items. We have to take care of each and every focus area to be visible and attractive to catch the attention spot on.


For Identity:

Logo Design is a must for an Individuals/Companies to get identified by their customers. For logo design it requires intense research and imagination in order to make the logo unique and trendy. There are different Type of logo such as Symbol/Icon, Word Mark, Letter Mark, Combination Mark and Emblem.


For Presentation and Publications:

The design here mainly focus on the pattern to display info to be read by specific people of very particular profession. In this area of work contents are more and showing huge volume of contents in designing needs smart way to manage the space required for the contents and taking care of its readability. It can also have figures,diagram ,arts, abstracts which has to be very much appealing.


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